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About Us

From the beginning to the end – from the raw material to the door to door shipping of the finished product. We not only perform the production of the parts, but we give fully assembled products to our customers. Bognár és Társa Kft. – everything in one place!
We believe in the building strength of the long term relationships.
We believe that behind the given word there is the responsibility.


Quality goods – to Western Europe

The superscript of the world class production is that our company exporting the 80% of its products to Western Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany) and to the Scandinavian countries. Shipping to abroad is organized by us from door to door with spedition. We solve communication on German and English language.


New storage system

The Bognér és Társa Kft. has built up a storage system, which allows for the production and storage of spare parts.

Welding procedures

MIG/MAG, TIG, Soyer, and spot welding. We are weldind with 2 Motoman and 1 Fanuc robotic welding.

Software renewal

Our company purchased a new warehousing and logistics programs. Along with the new website created taking into account the needs of the users.

Sheet forming, Welding, Tube bending,
Surface treatments, Cutting